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A Rustic Backpack that will Last a Lifetime!

Being a leather worker, I rarely make anything for myself. I would just rather make something cool to sell. Call me greedy :) But there was one project I was mulling over in my head for quite some time, a laptop backpack.

There is this leather that I love. It's the crazy horse water buffalo leather from Weaver Leather Supply, both the veg tanned and the chrome tanned. I knew that I wanted to use it. The chrome tanned has a great look to it. It's rustic and soft. The veg tanned is a darker brown with a great light brown pull up.

When I set out to make the backpack, I took a look at the hide to see if there was any scarring to feature. There really wasn't any scarring, but there was an edge that would work great. It extended out like a peninsula. It would make a perfect cover flap.

The design would then be simple. I would have one solid piece from the cover to the front panel. The side gusset pieces would finish it out. The entire thing would be riveted and Chicago screwed together.

Take a look!