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Anachronist at the MN Ren Fest

From the very moment I went to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, I knew I someday wanted to be a part of it. The atmosphere allows for pure escapism. It's a great departure from an otherwise very busy life.

My first time at the ren fest, we left home, MN at 7am. We did not want to miss out on much. (We didn't know about the opening canon then.) It was a cloudy day, but were weren't bothered by that as long as it didn't rain.

Well, it did rain. The rain held out until we pulled into the field parking lot and stopped. It was one of those moments when the sky simply lets all of the rain drop at once. Within minutes we were completely soaked. But that did not deter us. We marched up to gate, handed the man our ticket, and entered.

The rain only made it better. It made the historical fantasy village seem like it really was a summer day in England. The streets were swampy mud. The layers of garb were sticking to their owner's skin. And cinched up cleavage must have created a canyon through which the rain could flow.

Yes, ever since that rainy day, I have wanted to be a part of the fest. Now, at least for one weekend, I will be. For this year's International Bazaar weekend (Sept. 2-4), Anachronist Leatherworks will be setting up shop. It's a small step toward my goal of having a permanent shop at the ren fest. My goal is to have a permanent spot when they move to a new location in 2020 (I believe that's the year).

Now to keep working hard making new items.

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