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Distressed Blue Leather Messenger Bag

I bought a piece of blue upholstery leather. It was this nice blue color with a distressed look to it. It was one of those pieces I buy without any real idea of what I was going to do with it. It didn't really fit in with my main Anachronist Leatherworks brand, but I realized it would work great for my modern Larsen's Leather brand.

With that in mind, I set out to make a messenger bag. I didn't make a pattern for this one; I just decided on the dimensions and worked with what the leather gave me.

There was a nice corner at the end of the hide with a notch in it (probably where the leg was). I decided it would be the perfect end for the flap of the messenger bag. I could put a pocket on the front and give the pocket a end-of-the-hide flap of its own. I now had the idea in my mind, not fully fledged but mostly there.

Next was to cut the pieces. Like woodworking, it's measure twice and cut once. If you mess up on a cut, it can be an expensive mistake. Sure I might be able to use that bit on something smaller, but it really increases waste. I cut the pieces so the bag would be a normal sized messenger bag (12"x 11").

Next was to sew the bag together. This is the time consuming step, especially since I decided to use a thick braided cord style thread. It makes it really hard to pull the needles through the stitching hole. You either have to have really strong fingers or a pliers.

After it was all sewn together, only the strap and the hardware was left. That's the simple bit of the process. With that stuff on, the bag was done.

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